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The Initiator

Friederun Hardt-Friederichs studied history and germanistics as well as art history. She received a scholarship through the Deutsche Studienstiftung to complete her doctor in philosophy. Friederun Hardt-FriederichsHer first professional engagements were with a schoolbook publishing house and several universities (historical municipal law, various research projects in this field). These resulted in several publications. Subsequently, she worked in the field of historic conservation of landmarks and buildings until she became fully engaged in the fine arts. To this end, she received public financial support through the Ministry of Arts and Science of Baden Wuerttemberg. Furthermore, she organized an international artist meeting and workshop in Germany which received recognition and financial support from the Deutsche Staedtetag, several towns, state ministries, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany. Since 1999, she also teaches experimental art having exhibited internationally with her work placed in private and public collections. In 2002, Dr. Friederun Hardt-Friederichs started her research project

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Since the beginning of the project Reading Woman, Friederun received much collateral technical and translation support for which she is greatly appreciative. In the future, her focus will be towards the completion and periodic updating of the collection. Her decision to make her source collection and research results publicly available via the internet has the intent of giving a wider circle of interested people, particularly in the art and social science community, the opportunity to comment and contribute to the project. Accordingly, you are invited to direct your comments, ideas, additions, and corrections for the project Reading Woman to the editor.


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